Solstice Greetings!

I’m always relieved when we’ve passed the time of the shortest day and the longest night.  Even though the cold will intensify for a while yet, just knowing that the days will be getting longer makes me feel optimistic.  I know that the warmth will come once again, and the garden will bloom.

While it’s still dark and cold, I begin dreaming of trying new plants from the plant catalogs,10080017CostasHB imagining impossibly lush plants weighed down with blooms being sipped by swarms of hummingbirds.  I also dream of those trees still recovering from the 2011 fire putting on fabulous amounts of growth this year, providing happy homes for ever-increasing numbers of birds.


However you celebrate the winter holidays, I send you my greetings, and best wishes for a contented, healthy, and bird-filled 2013.

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