Local Birding Guides

If you’d like to be guided to your target birds, the following are local birding guides that cater to individuals, and will help you arrange a personal birding tour.   All are highly recommended.  I have not included several other area guides, also excellent, who have their own tour companies which predominantly conduct organized group tours. You can find those by Googling “Arizona Birding Tours.”

Please note that non-US nationals must make special arrangements well in advance to enter the Fort Huachuca military facility.   An escort with military clearance is required and may be arranged through the Sierra Vista Convention & Visitors Bureau.

 Brief stays can be maximized by investing in a local guide. Consider booking a half or full day at each of your major stops. Guides give a good overview of what the immediate area has to offer. Book the guide well in advance for the early part of your stay in any area so that you’ll have time for a more in-depth exploration later, if desired.  Visit the guides’ web sites to get a feel for their specialties, personalities, and philosophies as well as their services. Be sure to book them well in advance, as their services are in high demand during peak seasons.

You may also want to contact Birding Pal to find local birders around the world who are available to take visiting birders around their “patch”.