Welcome to our haven in the Huachuca Mountains

Mary Jo, owner of Ash Canyon B&B, with Rube

Mary Jo, owner of Ash Canyon B&B, with Rube

Our Huachuca Mountain sanctuary in the Madrean Oak Woodland habitat offers great bird and wildlife viewing year-round.  You will find tips for planning your birding trip to the region here.

The Photography Area

This spacious blind is optimal in the morning light. It can accommodate two photographers with tripods, or three people with no tripods. The area immediately around the blind is cordoned off from the public area Its use is included in the photography fees below.  The dedicated photography area contains many natural perches and a circulating water feature, in a natural background of trees and flowers.  It is supplied daily with various kinds of bird food, all hidden from your lens. 

Please note: There are no toilet facilities for day use unless you are booked for the entire day. You may use tripods within the blind for no additional cost, but if you wish to use tripods/monopods in the public areas of the yard, there is an additional $15 per tripod or monopod. The yard rules are posted on the entry gate and apply to everyone.


  • By the day: $100 per person per day, all inclusive. For this price, you get unlimited use of the entire yard with no extra fee for tripods/monopods (yard rules of behavior apply), plus use of the Casita for bathroom and kitchen facilities. For Casita amenities, click here.
  • By the morning: Dawn to noon (up to six hours): $75 per person, plus yard entry fee of $5 per person.
  • By the hour (October 1 to March 1 only): $20 per person per hour plus yard admission ($5 per person per day). 
  • For reservations, call (520) 378-0773 or e-mail info@ashcanyon.com



 The B&B

** I am no longer renting the Casita as a B&B. The Casita is available only for long-term rentals of two or more weeks.**

The Feeding Station

Feeding Station Hours:  Wednesdays noon to dusk. Dawn to dusk on all other days.  Please note: There are no  toilet facilities for day use.   Admission: $5 per person per day for day visitors.  Photography is permitted, but there are some restrictions and an extra fee for  tripods or monopods used for photography.  See our Photography policy here.

Our year-round, wheel-chair accessible feeding station and native plant garden is well known for attracting SE Arizona specialty birds, in particular the dazzling Lucifer Hummingbird (April 1 to October 1). We are the most reliable and accessible site for this species in the U.S.  Also frequently seen are Montezuma Quail, which are seen year-round at this location.

Consistent daily maintenance and careful attention to the needs of birds affords astonishingly close-up views of  many of the Huachuca Mountain bird specialties people come to Southeastern Arizona to see.

The feeding station is within National Audubon Society’s Important Bird Area. We are a designated birding hot spot on e-Bird and on the Southeastern Arizona Birding Trail Map (#32).

While we’re famous for our hummingbirds of many species, there’s always so much more to see. Spring and summer bring vibrant splashes of color, with Black-headed and Blue Grosbeaks, Hooded, Bullock’s and Scott’s Orioles, and Summer and Hepatic Tanagers all crowding the feeders. But the birding in the yard is great year-round, with a host of exciting migrants, such as Lazuli Bunting and Western Tanager, wintering kinglets, warblers and sparrows, and always a wide range of classic resident Arizona birds, including Bridled Titmouse, Arizona Woodpecker and Canyon Towhee. Most exciting of all, Ash Canyon B&B attracts major rarities on occasion, which have included the likes of Plain-capped Starthroat and Yellow Grosbeak.

Get more information about the Feeding Station here.  See our Photography policy here.